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Partner Program

What’s a Partner?

Partners are organizations or businesses that have clients, customers, or employees that need to make a better or faster decisions.  The three key types of are partners are:

  • Product sellers who want to help their customers choose amongst several competing products (e.g., car dealerships; wine stores; sports equipment manufacturers, etc.). Product seller partners want their customers to make the best possible decision so that they are happy with their purchase and become a repeat customer;
  • Brokers that provide options to their clients to meet their needs. They want their clients to better understand their needs and preferences; and to be able to be make the best strategic decision (e.g., real estate brokers; home builders; executive search firms; travel and hospitality companies) Broker partners want to provide their clients with the best quality information for decision-making and want them to have the best possible buying experience;
  • Business and organizational leaders whose employees (or teams) make key business decisions (e.g., technology selections, hiring decisions; trade-off analyses, etc.). Business and organization partners want the best possible decisions for their company or organization and want to ensure important decisions use best practices and provide total transparency.

Partner Integration

Definitive Choice® is also available to businesses that want to integrate it with their proprietary data to help their employees, clients, and customers make individual or shared decisions, such as alternative selections and purchases.

Partner Model

Where better decisions lead to better outcomes.™