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Primary Use Cases

Business and Entrepreneurial Decisions

When selecting a location for a new office or business, hiring a key person, or making a technology investment – it requires careful, logical, and dispassionate analysis. This is known as “left-brain thinking”. If you are making one of these decisions, you are likely “right-brain dominant”, in that you are a risk taker, creative, and intuitive. Until now, there hasn’t been a decision-making tool that enables people like you to tap into both hemispheres of your brain to make the best decision.

Selecting an Office or Business Location

Hiring a Key Person

Making a Technology Investment

Home and Business
Hiring a Key Person

Personal Life Decisions

When you need to make a personal “life decision”, such as selecting: a college; a new home; a new career opportunity; or make a healthcare decision for an aging family member, you will likely want to ask your trusted advisors for their advice and input, as the outcome may have an impact for years to come. Until now, there hasn’t been a shared decision-making tool that enables you to tap into the brainpower of your personal network to make the best decision.

Selecting a College

Selecting a New Home

Selecting a New Job

Sharing a Healthcare Decision

College Selection
Home Purchase
New Job Opportunity
Assisted Living