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Application Tutorial

Definitive Choice® is an intuitive app that requires no training to quickly start making better decisions.

Learn about our process

How does Definitive Choice® help you make a decision?

In the image carousel below, you can see how the process works by illustrating how the Smith family used Definitive Choice® to select a family vacation destination.

Step 1

If you are using a decision template, select your criteria. You can add or remove additional criteria.

Step 2

You will compare the importance of two criteria at a time. This is called a pairwise comparison. For 5 criteria, you will have 10 pairwise comparisons.

Step 3

Use the slider to indicate which criterion is more important than the other, and by how much.

Step 4

Your judgments result in a unique decision model for your decision, with each criterion having its established weight (%) in the decision.