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Definitive Choice® for Personal Use

Subscribe to Definitive Choice to make better decisions! Take advantage of over 100 built in decision templates for personal or business decisions or create your own decision model from scratch. Our patented technology uses the leading theory in decision making in a way that is simple to use and share.

Decision-making made easy for individuals and small groups

An individual subscription allows you to utilize the power of Definitive Choice to start making better decisions immediately. With over 50 decision templates to choose from, you can jumpstart your next big decision or create your own decision. You can access your decisions from your phone or tablet using the app, or from your laptop or PC via your browser.

Definitive Choice walks you through a clear and analytic process to ensure you factor in the criteria that are important to you in your decision. You can also tap into your network to allow friends or family to help with your decisions.

Decisions may be work-related or may be personal “life” decisions. If there is a fork in the road, Definitive Choice will help you take the right path.

The Basic and Pro plans are perfect for:

Selecting a college

Compare your options using academic excellence, student life, job opportunities, and tuition cost to choose the best school

Selecting a new home

Choose the best house based on schools, location, neighborhood, and services

Selecting a new job

Salary isn't everything! Compare job offers using criteria such as career growth, commute, and company culture to find the best fit

Sharing a Healthcare Decision

Loop in your family to help you choose the course of action. Weigh your options using criteria like operation cost, recovery time, risk, and expected outcome

Perfect for helping you make best big decisions

When you need to make a personal “life decision”, such as selecting: a college; a new home; a new career opportunity; or make a healthcare decision for an aging family member, you will likely want to ask your trusted advisors for their advice and input, as the outcome may have an impact for years to come. Until now, there hasn’t been a shared decision-making tool that enables you to tap into the brainpower of your personal network to make the best decision.