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Definitive Choice® helps you make better
and faster decisions

Our application guides you through a decision-making process that leads to better outcomes.
Our patented methodology is based on decision science and our innovative and proven technology.

Prioritize your decision criteria based on what's important to you

This is a critically important step. Our process removes the bias and subjectivity and helps you determine how you want to make your decision.

Add your decision criteria

You can add decision criteria from our decision templates or add your own. By using our pairwise comparison process, you will be able to accurately determine the relative importance of your decision criteria.

Prioritize your decision criteria

By comparing two criteria to each other, for each unique pair, we will accurately calculate the weighting factors (%) for your criteria. (Note: 4 criteria requires 6 pairwise comparisons; 5 criteria requires 10 pairwise comparisons; 6 criteria requires 15 pairwise comparisons.)

Evaluate your alternatives based on your decision criteria

Select alternatives from our decision template or add your own. Definitive Choice® will assist you in evaluating each alternative against each criterion to determine the highest scoring alternative.

(Note: Alternatives are only included in some templates, depending on the nature of the decision.)

Determine the best alternative

By comprehensively and consistently evaluating each alternative, you will be able to clearly see the strength and weakness of each alternative.

Loop in your friends, family members, and colleagues to assist you

Tap into the brainpower of your network by inviting your trusted advisors to participate in your decisions. By including the perspectives of others, you will remove ``blind spots`` and make a better decision.

You can review their input and make your decision based on everyone's input or just your own.

Increase your confidence by building consensus

The people you invite to participate in your decision do not need a subscription to Definitive Choice®.