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Subscription Plans

Whether you are an individual who wants to make better “life decisions”, an entrepreneur who is making start-up decisions, or a business that wants to improve team decision-making, we have the right plan for you. Just download the app to get started. Remember, your decisions determine your future, so you cannot afford to delay.

$6/ per month*

Use the latest advancements in decision science to easily make life’s biggest and most complex decisions.

Individual plan Includes:

Easily make big and complex decisions

Access the Definitive decision template library

Add and prioritize your decision criteria

Add and evaluate your alternatives

Invite others to participate in your decisions

Get in-depth analysis and decision results

Down a comprehensive decision report

Make unlimited decisions

* When billed annually

$9per user / month*

Provide your team with the latest advancements in decision science, including the creation of custom decision templates to enhance decision making across the organization.

Includes individual, plus:

Create and share your own decision templates

Manage your user subscriptions

Gain key insights into how your business makes decisions

* When billed annually, minimum 3
subscriptions. Volume discounts available

Contact us for pricing

Create business-to-consumer (B2C) decision templates that can leverage your proprietary data, and be shared with prospective and current clients to make key decisions regarding your products or services.

Includes business, plus:

Publish decision templates to all Definitive Choice® users

Receive marketing support for your decision templates