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Definitive Choice® for Business Use

Definitive Choice enables your workforce to take advantage of our patented technology to make better decisions! You can also create unique decision templates to ensure that your organization is consistently using best practices.

Definitive Choice for business allows your team to make better decisions faster

A business subscription enables you to provide Definitive Choice to your colleagues and employees. A business subscription has all the advantages of an individual license, plus you can:

Create unique decision templates for your business and assign them to your team members as needed

Enforce certain criteria to ensure they are considered when making decisions

Review the results of decisions and how they were made

See what criteria your team members value most in making decisions

The Business Plan is perfect for:

Selecting an Office or Business Location

Make important business decisions with confidence by ensuring that you have taken into account the inputs and perspectives of your team.

Hiring a Key Person

Provide a consistent and compliant process for evaluating new hires. Ensure that hiring managers and interviewers follow established policies and procedures and create an auditable record of how candidates were evaluated.

Making a Technology Investment

Establish a decision model that reflects the relative importance of your criteria and have a cross-functional team evaluate and score the technologies that leads to the best outcome for the organization.

Take the gut feel out of business and entrepreneurial decisions

When selecting a location for a new office or business, hiring a key person, or making a technology investment – it requires careful, logical, and dispassionate analysis. This is known as “left-brain thinking”. If you are making one of these decisions, you are likely “right-brain dominant”, in that you are a risk taker, creative, and intuitive. Until now, there hasn’t been a decision-making tool that enables people like you to tap into both hemispheres of your brain to make the best decision.