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Our Definitive 6™ Methodology

To make the best decision, one that gives you the greatest possibility of the most favorable outcome, you should use a proven methodology. Our Definitive 6™ methodology draws on the latest advancements of decision science, analytics, and our patented technology.

The Definitive 6™ methodology starts with a goal. This may be a problem that needs solving, an opportunity to evaluate, or a risk that that needs to be mitigated. In this early stage, it’s essential to have some domain knowledge related to the goal. By establishing criteria for making the decision, and determining their relative importance, one is then ready to identify and evaluate the alternatives. By consistently scoring each alternative, while proactively incorporating the use of data, the decision participants are able to apply their judgment to make cost-benefit trade-offs. It is at this point that the superior alternative(s) emerge, enabling the participants to make the best decision. The most important, and final, step in the methodology is for the decision participants to either commit to implementing the decision or communicating the decision to those who will implement it.

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