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System Status – Up and Running

Definitive Choice Release Notes

DateTypeTitleDescription of ChangeApplicability
11/22/23EnhancementIntegration with Microsoft TeamsIntegrated Definitive Choice with Microsoft Teams so that the best decisions can easily be made within a team or chat.All customers
11/04/22EnhancementNew ReportsAdded a new consensus report to help evaluate decisions with multiple participants.All customers
12/02/22EnhancementUpgraded GraphicsUpgraded the graphics and iconsAll customers
12/02/22EnhancementImproved WorkflowImproved the messaging so that users can see the alternatives they have not completed scoring. All customers
11/04/22EnhancementImproved AnalyticsUpdated the partner portal to provide more analytics based on user decisions.All customers
09/02/22EnhancementImproved NavigationAdded a new "Team" icon to enable users to manage participants from the main screen of a decision.All customers
09/02/22EnhancementImproved Participant OptionsAdded a cspability to enable participants to see the entire decision template, including any information and videos, if given access by the decision maker.All customers
07/01/22EnhancementPrioritization of Alternatives for Decision-MakingAdded the capability to make a decision by prioritizing the alternatives using pairwise comparisions; rather than prioritizing the criteria and scoring the alternatives using a rating scale.All customers